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A recent article published by Dr. Laëtitia Michou examines incidences of Paget's disease of the bone in the province of Quebec


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Have you heard of Paget's disease of the bone? 🦴
It's a bone metabolism disorder, which can cause bones to grow larger and become weaker, and in some cases, can result bone deformity, and various other complications 🚨
A recent article published by Dr. Laëtitia Michou, found that new cases of Paget’s disease have decreased in the last 20 years in the province of Quebec, and that this is consistent with reports from other countries 📉
Tracking disease incidences is crucial for gaining insights into how specific diseases fluctuate over time. This kind of data can provide a window into understanding the disease's underlying factors, whether genetic or environmental, and these kinds of studies are also crucial in tracking and understanding autoimmune diseases as well 💡
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