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A study conducted in collaboration with Dr. Nicolas Flamand examines the beneficial effects of maple syrup


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Did you know that maple syrup is a natural sweetener containing several bioactive compounds that can modify your gut microbiota? 🍁

🔎 In a study conducted by Dr. André Marette at Université Laval in collaboration with Dr. Nicolas Flamand, diet-induced obese mice were given a diet with maple syrup instead of just sucrose.

The result? Maple syrup led to a reduced insulin resistance and decreased fatty liver. It also boosted gut bacteria associated with sucrose utilization and the production of beneficial acids 💪

So, it seems maple syrup might be a gut-friendly choice! 🥞🦠 Recent research highlights the importance of our dietary choices on gut health, which is intricately connected to our immune system. This connection has led to numerous investigations into its potential role in autoimmune disorders 💫

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