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Recent Publications - March 2022


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Dre Julie Fradette

Title: Preclinical Evaluation of BMP-9-Treated Human Bone-like Substitutes for Alveolar Ridge Preservation following Tooth Extraction.

Journal: International journal of molecular sciences

Authors: Kawecki, F., Jann, J., Fortin, M., Auger, F. A., Faucheux, N. & Fradette, J.



Dr. Sylvain Bourgoin

Title: Red blood cell-derived phosphatidylserine positive extracellular vesicles are associated with past thrombotic events in patients with systemic erythematous lupus.

Journal: Lupus Science & Medicine

Authors: Hasse, S., Julien, A.-S., Duchez, A.-C., Zhao, C., Boilard, E., Fortin, P. R. & Bourgoin, S. G.



Dre Maria Fernandes

Title: Comparison of Neutrophil Function in Granulocyte Concentrates From Prednisone- and G-CSF-Treated Donors: Effect of Stimulant, Leukapheresis and Storage.

Journal: Frontiers in Medicine

Authors: Murru, A., Allard, M., Paré, G., Vaillancourt, M., Boyer, L., Cayer, M. P., Vitry, J., Landry, P., Labrecque, M. M., Robitaille, N., Branch, D. R., Girard, M. & Fernandes, M. J.