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Dr. Julie Fradette recently published an article on tissue-engineered skin substitutes (TESs)


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Dr. Julie Fradette recently published an article with Dr. Lucie Germain from the LEOX at Université Laval on TESs, which are comprised of cultured keratinocytes and fibroblasts.  They are used as treatment for severe burn injuries, replacing the damaged skin and stimulating the body's natural healing response 🌱
The utilization of serum has historical been used in TES production, however, serum’s potential for variability and risk of containing contaminants underscore the value in culturing TESs without serum. This article demonstrates the use of an effective serum-free medium to culture TES, allowing for safer use of these grafts!💡 This encourages us to reevaluate our cell culture methods, and to keep this in mind when employing in vitro models to investigate immune system diseases! 🧬

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