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Annual Scientific Meeting

The 2nd Scientific Day of the ARThritis Center took place on November 30th, 2022.

The ARThritis Research Center had the pleasure to welcome its members to the 2nd Annual Scientific Meeting, on November 30th, at the aquarium (1675 Hôtels avenue, Quebec, G1W 4S3).

Researchers of the ARThritis Center and their students presented their research.

The honorific ARThritis prize has been awarded to Dre Joan Wither.

Please consult our french page for information on our invited speakers.

8h00       General Assembly of researchers

8h45       Arrival of all participants

9h00       Introduction word from directors and review of the previous year

9h15       Presentations (3)

  • Dr Nicolas Flamand
  • Jean-Philippe Lavoie (N. Flamand's team)
  • Etienne Doré (É. Boilard's team)

10h00    Pause

10h20    Conference of Dre Joan Wither entitled "Identification of Biomarkers that Stratify Patients with regard to Disease Activity and Treatment Outcomes in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus"

11h30    Presentations (2)

  • Audrée Laroche (É.Boilard's team)
  • Dre Sylvie Breton

12h00   Lunch

13h30   Presentations (3)

  • Julie Portal (É. Boilard's team)
  • Florian Puhm (É. Boilard's team)
  • Ahmed Sahli (R. C. Gaudreault's team)

14h20   Conference of Dre Mélanie Dieudé

15h00   Pause

15h15    Presentations (3)

  • Sophie Morin (R. Pouliot's team)
  • Sarah Bélanger (R. Pouliot's team)
  • Yasmine Ruel (R. Pouliot's team)

16h30  Word to students

16h45  Prizes

17h00  Cocktail

Jean LÉGARÉ, patient expert, PIRA member

Dre Mélanie DIEUDÉ, researcher, University of Montreal

Dre Joan WITHER, researcher, University of Toronto

Recipients of ARThritis prizes 2022:

  • Audrée LAROCHE
  • Sophie MORIN
  • Ahmed SAHLI

Recipients of ARThritis prizes 2021:

  • Étienne DORÉ
  • Sandrine HUOT
  • Geneviève RIOUX