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SARD Biobank and data repository

Research platform including biospecimens and clinical data of five systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases (SARD).

A local cohort dedicated to systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases (SARDs)

In 2011, when Dr. Paul R. Fortin arrived at Laval University, he implemented the SARD biobank and database with the collaboration of rheumatologists who recruited patients during their clinics. This research platform is unique in Canada as it permits documenting the evolution of patients living with SARD over time while linking their biospecimens (plasma, serum, urine, genetic material) to their clinical data to respond to research questions. It includes 4 pathologies (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, inflammatory myositis, and antiphospholipid syndrome) and two diseases will soon be added (psoriatic arthritis, and spondylitis). The biospecimens and data from these different MRAS are collected using the same standard operating procedures so that it is possible to compare/contrast these SARDs with each other and to progress in the knowledge of these diseases which are still difficult to diagnose and distinguish them from each other.

Samples and clinical information available:

  • 374 patients recruited since September 2014, with yearly follow-ups (307 active patients in February 2022)
  • Clinical data, questionnaires (assessed by the physician or the patient), and/or biological samples were collected at each visit.
  • Biospecimens: plasma, serum, urine, DNA, RNA.

Sample size:

  • Recruitments:  379
  • Active patients: 310
  • Documented visits: 1723

Five diseases are included in the SARD biobank and data base:

  • Recruted:  128
  • Active: 101
  • Listed visits: 848

  • Recruted:  125
  • Active: 111
  • Listed visits: 494

  • Recruted:  9
  • Active: 8
  • Listed visits: 41

  • Recruted:  26
  • Active: 21
  • Listed visits: 141

  • Recruted:  42
  • Active: 23
  • Listed visits: 119

  • Recruted:  14
  • Active: 13
  • Listed visits: 50

  • Recruted:  30
  • Active: 30
  • Listed visits: 30

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